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Bernie has years of experience in the IT field, including the management of technical and user training, development of programs to improve communications between management and staff, and directing of a company quality assurance group. She was involved in the communities where she lived as a communications director and head of an environmental commission. Over the past 4 years, Bernie has also often served as discussion leader for the Chicago Area Amputees support group.

Formerly a very active and athletic person, many orthopedic issues through the years have lead to an "elective" below-knee amputation. Since her amputation in 2013, Bernie has been asked on numerous occasions to speak to other amputees, and to PT and OT therapists, about life as an amputee.


Kristin is always armed with innovative and adaptive ideas that can help us to improve our mobility and overall conditioning, regardless of our abilities. She has a specialty in neurological rehabilitation and particularly enjoys working with patients who have severe and profound disabilities. Many of her patients are amputees.

Kristin has a Masters degree in occupational therapy and a Doctorate degree in assistive technology and augmentative communication which deals with using technology to enable those that cannot talk to communicate. In addition to her 23 years as an occupational therapist, and keeping busy with a plethora of interests and activities that includes horses and flying, Kristin is also a rescue paramedic and a Special Olympics coach.