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Resources - Index

The list of resources will grow over time, so keep checking back. Please be aware that the resources listed herein are provided as a convenience to our website visitors. Inclusion in this list does not mean that we are endorsing a particular site, supplier, individual, or brand, nor does it imply that we are responsible for any aspect of the content made available through these links. We are merely facilitating access to resources we think might be of interest to our members and website visitors



We have grouped resources into categories based on subject matter, but it's always a good idea to check other categories for resources that could be useful. (You can print a .pdf version of each resource category by clicking on the print icon on each category page.)

1. Becoming an amputee & life as an amputee -
Terminology & lessons about becoming an amputee and living as amputee. Also listed in this category are expos, exhibits, conventions, and other organized events that target amputees.

2. Books, magazines, and other print resources -
Some of the magazines that appear in this list are free publications. The books in the list are readily available on Amazon.com and several other bookseller websites.

3. Finding help & support -
Where to find help in dealing with a medical crisis, or when it comes time to adjusting to change, dealing with your disability, getting answers to practical problems and issues, and interacting with people with similar disabilities.

4. Selecting prosthetists and prostheses -
Finding a prosthetist and prostheses happen many ways: in the hospital, before a planned amputation, by word-of-mouth, etc. In the end, this relationship between the prosthetist and the amputee makes all the difference in the world. And, the prosthesis for which someone is fitted means the difference between an active life and one of discomfort, skin breakdown, and potentially serious health issues.

5. Supplies -
Resources to help you find items to assist you in your daily life.

6. Pastimes – hobbies, sports, etc. -
There are many organizations that facilitate tailored sports and outdoor activities for the disabled.

7. Travel -
There are many organizations that facilitate tailored sports and outdoor activities for the disabled.

8. Handicap permits -
What are the rules for using a handicap/disabled parking permit? How do you obtain a parking permit or license plate? When you see that someone has parked illegally in a handicap parking spot, to whom do you lodge a complaint?

9. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) -
What is the ADA? What must you do to lodge a complaint against a business or employer? Here's a list of federal, state, and local resources.

10. Government assistance resources -
These are state, federal, and other organizations that provide assistance.

11. Widening your perspective -
National and international organizations that are working on behalf of amputees.